Perhaps our stylist’s Luci™ Ring testimonials are best reflected in three words,  “fashionable, trendy and purposeful.”

“That’s a stylist ring!”
“Looks nice”
“I like the look, and it would help prevent finger cuts.”

“If I used it for a while I think that I would be more aware of NOT cutting myself between my fingers?”

“The ring is very fashionable looking”
“Very stylish”
“Oh that’s really cool”

“As a result of seeing this ring it would keep me more aware while cutting hair and prevent me from cutting myself”

“It doesn’t look like you’re wearing like a guard.  It looks stylist, with a nice     design on it”

“Like the look of it”   
“Like the Luci story.  She’s one of us”  
“Would wear it often and proudly as a fashion ring (of the industry)”

“Very pretty, drawn to it, very attractive”
 “Really like the look of it!”

“Look     like what I have.  I’d be a first”

“I like to help people, I like new things.   The industry needs a few new things.  I’d try it, just to see that it works for me”

“The whole (beauty) industry has that sense of adventures, fun, and trying new things”

“Looks like jewelry but it’s functional.  It is very fashionable looking. Looks like cocktail jewelry, I think people would ask me where did you get this ring.  Looks like fine jewelry”

“It appeals to me”
“I just like the look of it”

“Love the ring design”
“This is more of a staple, something you have to have in your wardrobe, more timeless.   It’s got to be used”

“I could just wear it as a ring. “
“I love the look of the ring”

“I would definitely try the ring. I like the look of the ring and the design!”

“I’ve been in the business more than 25 years, and that (picture of the ring)     would protect me and I would try it. It is really pretty and it would draw attention. I would want to have a platinum one. I would pay $200 for it.”

“It is a tool, but its charm is fashion.   I’d wear it out (on the town) more as jewelry.  But I would try it as a tool”  

“The ring is an individual item I would buy”

“Need to “try” it out and see if it works”

“If it didn’t work for me, I’d wear it as fashion ring”
“But I have to try IT to believe IT or buy into it”

“Seeing the ring on would make me more accountable and would serve to remind me when cutting hair”

“I would have to experiment with it.  I would try it. I like the look of the ring”

 “Cutting and shear accidents happen frequently when you’re using super sharp instruments, but you’re so busy, your professional manner pays it no mind, and you just go on with your work.”

“Scars all over.  I cut myself all the time on my knuckles, tops of fingers”
“I cut myself in between the knuckles in between my fingers”
“When you get cut it is like a paper cut because the shears are so sharp”

* Testimonials were collected from stylists during dozens of individual and group interviews conducted by Perception Communication Corporation of Minneapolis, MN., an independent consumer research and new product design company.   Interviews were conducted with stylists and groups of stylists from December 2012 through June of 2013.

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